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Discover the groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity used in architecture for decades. 


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A Life of Passion and Inspiration

karen otis


The past three weeks have been tremendously somber with the sudden passing of my father, Henry Hirsch. While preparing my eulogy to him, I had such an overwhelming epiphany that I wanted to share it with you. I have always lived my life with a deep-seated need to live life passionately, dedicated to a purpose. After all, it is what my message is all about! But I had always believed that I, myself, was the source of that yearning.


What I realized was that my father, by example, had shown me the value and importance of living in inspiration, driven by passion.  He was an engineer by trade, but later in life, he also became an enthusiastic and talented artist. In that, his passion flourished. Always pushing himself to learn and experience life to the fullest, he immersed himself in music and the arts finding inspiration in many places. His work is dynamic, emotive, and soulful.  It is thought provoking, poignant, and richly layered. I wanted to share some of it with you.

My father taught me to discover my own inspiration, and to embrace it with enthusiasm, fervor and commitment. My Dad lived boldly and with gusto!  Without a doubt, I share his creative spirit and passionate soul. For that, I am forever grateful.