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Discover the groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity used in architecture for decades. 


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Uplift and Elevate!

karen otis

In architecture, the kinds of spaces that make us feel the best are those that have height and a sense of airiness and openness.  Spaces that are tight and constricted usually make us feel uncomfortable, while spaces that expand give us a sense of liveliness.  They can be uplifting and energizing.  They make our soul feel like it has breathing room!

It is that sense of expansion, of pushing past the typical boundary that releases our spirit. Have you noticed what it feels like to walk into a space with a very low ceiling…how you feel the need to crouch down?  And then there is the opposite feeling that a space with magnificent height gives you. It is as if you want to dance circles around it. It literally feels like the air and light have poured in, giving it vibrancy.

Now, how can you uplift and elevate your life? How can you breathe new life into what might feel mundane and even…dare I say it…boring? You need to connect with your spirit, your soul and give it that expansion, that ability to soar. Finding your unique passion and life purpose, and stepping into that makes each day uplifting and elevated, because there is joy when we align our lives with our inspiration.

And, it truly is an easy thing to do…because your soul is already on board. It is begging to be heard and taken seriously. In fact, that sense of boredom or general lackluster feeling that you have is your soul’s way of hinting that it is not satisfied! That is what Being The Architect of Your Life is all about. Once you reveal your passion, your inspiration, then it’s easy to design, build, and start living your Life Inspired. And oh what a difference that makes!

Suddenly you are excited to wake up each day, full of energy to live your passion and purpose! It literally changes you from the inside out!

So, no more crouching down… Uplift and elevate! Let me show you how.