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Discover the groundbreaking new approach to designing and re-building your life with the creative ingenuity used in architecture for decades. 


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Make money doing what you love

Denise Smith


Make a living doing what you love!

For some, this seems utterly unrealistic.  They think that work is purely work and that is how we make a living, and that loving what you do is not a factor in the equation.  WRONG!

Did you know that doing what you love is the very best way to ensure your success and make a quantum leap in earnings? It is true that when doing what you love, you are more eager and resolute about putting in the work, and then, the income follows. The first step is to dig deep and figure out what you love to do. Here’s how:

  1. Discover what you love doing.  Have there been times you said to yourself, “I wish I could do that!” What was it? Is there a job or career that looks exciting and fulfilling to you?
  2. What activity do you enjoy so much that you literally lose track of time when doing it?
  3. When you were a child was there something you wished to be when you grew up? Even if the idea is not truly in the realm of possibility now, what aspects of it were what you enjoyed? So, maybe you thought you would be the next Victoria Secrets model, and that aspiration may not be fully possible now because of age or other reasons…then think back to what aspect of being a model interested you? Maybe it was the beauty, makeup, fashion, runway experience, or photography.  Could you modify your dream job by instead working on the runway sets, or working in fashion or makeup?
  4. What comes easily to you? What are you inherently good at? Most of us have some innate talent or skill that comes naturally to us.
  5. Try to stay focused on the activity you enjoy rather than prematurely selecting an occupation, because the activities you like may be found in many different careers.  Don’t narrow yourself into one career just yet.  That will eventually follow.


Devote time to making it happen.  It will take hard work, but will be well worth it!

Steadily stay the course.  Even when it gets a bit tough, frustrating, or discouraging, do not falter in your pursuit.


Until next time... with inspiration,
Karen Otis


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