Full-Day Intensive Workshop

In this full day VIP workshop, you will work directly and in person with Karen in an energetic small group setting as she enlightens you to take the creative method used in architecture and project it onto your life to find direction and fluidity to spiritually awaken your soul. This is a full-day high-energy intensive workshop with priceless one-on-one and group coaching in a dynamic format that enables you to connect with others pursuing similar goals.

During the workshop, you will create an individual vision board and ultra-detailed blueprint so that you are ready to put your passion and life purpose into action. It will be life changing! You will learn how to discover your distinct passion and life purpose, how to meditate to help bring your intuition to the surface, and how to reconnect with all that lights you up. Stop living a life that’s lackluster and mediocre.

This is your chance to build a profoundly inspired life!

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